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Union Catina Traverse City’s Menu


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Union Cantina Authentic Mexican Grill in Downtown Traverse City, MI!


Lone star chili
topped with shredded cheese, sour cream and green onion.
Cup 3.95
Bowl 4.95

Chicken Tortilla soup
topped with shredded cheese,  crispy tortilla strips and avocado.
Cup 3.95
Bowl 4.95


Jalapeno corn bread
Made fresh daily,  served with lime and fresh cilantro butter.    4.95

Crisp corn tortilla chips topped with  refried beans, enchilada sauce, onion, tomatoes, black olives, jalapenos, melted cheese, sour cream, pico de gallo, and guacamole.
Cheese 7.95
Beef, Pork or Chicken 9.95
Shrimp 10.95

Large flour tortilla stuffed with cheese and your choice of fillings, then grilled and served with sour cream, pico de gallo, and guacamole.
Cheese 7.95
Beef, Chicken or Pork 8.95
Steak or Shrimp 9.95

Guacamole dip
Made fresh daily, a lightly seasoned blend of fresh California avocados served with yellow corn tortilla chips.    7.95

Chili con queso
a piping hot fondue of mixed cheeses, chorizo, green chilies and cilantro.  Served with yellow corn tortilla chips.    7.95

Stuffed poblano
Fire-roasted tomato cous-cous, topped with cheese, crispy tortilla strips and pico de gallo with mole and Ancho infused oil.                                                    8.95

Chili poppers
fresh spicy jalapenos stuffed with cream cheese and chorizo, then breaded and fried.  Served with avocado dressing.      7.95

Coconut shrimp
Jumbo gulf shrimp dipped in beer batter and coconut.  Served with sweet
mango coulis.       9.95

Hot wings
large wings breaded or not, deep fried and tossed in Cantina hot sauce.    7.95

generous portions of guacamole dip, chili con queso, chili poppers, jumbo coconut shrimp and hot wings.    14.95

Fresh Chicken Strips
all natural chicken breasts hand dipped in our homemade batter, deep fried and served with French fries.  Choice of ranch or homemade BBQ sauce for dipping.     7.95


Salad dressings: Ranch, Southwest Ranch, Cherry or House Vinaigrette, Tequila Lime and Cilantro dressing.

Taco Salad
fried taco shell filled with crisp iceberg lettuce, roasted corn, fresh California avocado, tomato, beef, chicken or pork and choice of dressing.    11.95
Sautéed shrimp             add 1.50

Fajita salad
marinated and grilled flank steak or chicken, over iceberg with roasted red, yellow, and green peppers, black beans, shaved onion, tomatoes and choice of dressing.        10.95

Harvest Salad
iceberg lettuce topped with dried cherries, grape tomatoes,mandarin oranges, green onions, ancho chili rubbed grilled chicken breast, crumbled goat cheese and choice of dressing.      10.95

Refried beans 2.00             Sour cream .50

Spanish rice 2.00           Guacamole 1.25

Rice and beans 3.25              Enchilada or Mole sauce 1.00

Flour or Corn tortillas (4) .95               Pico de Gallo .75

Chips 1.95                Salsa 1.00


Deep fried ice cream 5.95

Cantina Flan 5.95

Flourless chocolate cake  with Margarita cream 5.95

Chef’s Cheesecake 5.95


(Served with French Fries)

Taco 5.95

Burrito 5.95

Nachos 5.95

Chicken Fingers 5.95


Tres tacos
your choice of hard corn or soft flour tortillas stuffed with your choice of meat, cheese, shredded iceberg lettuce, tomato.  Served with Mexican rice, sour cream, pico de gallo and cilantro.
Chicken 9.95     Beef 10.95      Pork 9.95     Mahi 11.95

Burrito Dinner
large flour tortilla filled with shredded beef, chicken or pork, refried beans, onions, cilantro and cheese served with rice, guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo.  12.95                  make it wet     13.95

Marinated flank steak, chicken, or shrimp grilled with onion, tomatoes, and peppers.  Served with warm flour tortillas, rice, refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, lettuce and cheese.
Chicken 13.95        Steak or Shrimp 14.95
(flank steak can be prepared to desired temperature)

three soft corn tortillas stuffed with shredded beef, pork, chicken, or cheese and diced onion topped with enchilada sauce.  Served with rice and refried beans.    9.95

Chimichanga– shredded beef, chicken, pork or shrimp wrapped in a flour tortilla with marinated onions and peppers then deep fried.  Served over  lettuce with rice, refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo and topped with queso sauce.  Beef or Chicken 13.95      Shrimp 14.95

two tamales stuffed with roasted corn and chicken, topped with poblano chili mole sauce.  Served with refried beans and rice.    10.95

Mahi tostada
two fried yellow corn tortillas topped with refried beans, blackened mahi, California avocado, chopped iceberg lettuce, and drizzled with tequila lime dressing, served over a bed of rice.   14.95

Texas T-Bone
chili rubbed choice 16 ounce cut, grilled to order and served with caramelized peppers and onions, chipotle cream mashed potatoes.   22.95

Cherrywood Smoked Ribs
We smoked these spare ribs in our own Texas smoker, smother them in our secret sauce and serve them with rice.
Full slab 19.95         Half slab 13.95


(all sandwiches served with French Fries)

Two Tortas
shredded chicken or roasted pork shoulder served between toasted rolls with refried beans, chopped iceberg lettuce, pico de gallo and cilantro sour cream.    8.95

Longhorn Burger
half pound black angus burger topped with jalapeno jack cheese and guacamole.  Served with iceberg lettuce and sliced tomato.    8.95

Southwest Grilled Chicken Club
ancho chile rubbed grilled chicken breast,
bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayonnaise all served on toasted bun.  8.95

*consuming raw/undercooked meats, eggs, seafood or poultry may increase the risk of foodbourne illness…


Hard or Soft Taco
hard corn or soft flour tortillas filled with shredded beef, chicken, mahi or pork, shredded lettuce, tomato, sour cream and pico de galo.     4.95

shredded beef, chicken, or pork rolled in a large flour tortilla.  6.95
make it wet with enchilada sauce and cheese   add 1.50

Estupendo Burrito
shredded beef, chicken, or pork rolled in a large flour tortilla with refried beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, rice, lettuce and tomato.  Served with sour cream, guacamole and pico de gallo. A feast.  8.95
make it wet with enchilada sauce and cheese   add 1.50

soft corn tortilla stuffed with shredded beef, chicken, pork or cheese topped with diced onion and enchilada sauce.     4.95

fried yellow corn tortillas topped with refried beans, blackened mahi, California avocado, chopped iceberg lettuce, and drizzled with tequila lime dressing,     6.95

California Fish Taco
soft flour tortilla stuffed with beer battered cod, shredded cabbage, and cheese.  Topped with cilantro lime.     5.95

Shrimp Taco
soft flour tortilla stuffed with sauteed white shrimp, pico de gallo and fresh cilantro.     5.95

chicken tamale topped with poblano mole.   4.95


Enchilada, Burrito, Tamale 14.95

Enchilada, Taco, Burrito 14.95

Enchilada, Burrito, Tostada 14.95

Enchilada and Taco 8.95

Enchilada and Tamale 8.95

Taco and Burrito 9.95

Tamale and Burrito 9.95

Dining Questions?
(231) 941-5038

Walk Ins Welcome!
at 127 South Union Street
Traverse City, MI 49684